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Dr. Seltzer, of Advanced Laser and Anti-Aging Medical Center in Pasadena, California helps patients manage and treat psoriasis using a variety of techniques, including XTRAC® Excimer Laser therapy treatments.

Psoriasis Q & A

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What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that causes cells to build up on the surface of your skin, leading to the formation of itchy, dry, red, sometimes painful patches and silvery scales. Because psoriasis is chronic, you may experience periods when your symptoms subside and other periods of intense or continuous flare-ups.

Can I manage psoriasis myself?

Lifestyle steps such as taking daily baths, applying a heavy, ointment-based moisturizer when your skin is still damp and avoiding potential symptom triggers, such as stress, alcohol, and smoking, may help improve the texture and appearance of your skin. However, medical treatments are often needed for significant improvement.

How is psoriasis treated?

While there’s no known cure for psoriasis, symptoms can often be reduced.Treatment aims to stop skin cells from growing as rapidly while relieving any pain or discomfort. Useful options may include over-the-counter cortisone creams, light therapy, prescription creams, drugs or injections and laser treatments.

How does laser therapy compare to other psoriasis treatments?

A variety of factors influences what treatments may be ideal for you. Unlike other therapies, XTRAC does not require messy creams or painful injections, which often bring side effects, such as increased risk for liver damage and birth defects. Unlike UV light therapies that expose large areas of your skin, XTRAC prevents exposure to healthy surrounding skin. Sessions are quick and painless, and there are no dangerous health risks.

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