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Dr. Robert Seltzer offers feminine health improvements using the revolutionary Votiva at The Advanced Laser & Anti-Aging Medical Center in Pasadena, California. Votiva is an efficient and safe feminine rejuvenation treatment, offering immediate results. Votiva reverses the changes women face as they age, such as the loss of elasticity in the vulva and labia. Votiva’s technologies are used to improve both internal and external areas of the vagina with pain or discomfort. If you’ve been thinking about improving your feminine areas without surgery, contact Dr. Seltzer today to schedule your consultation to discuss Votiva.

Feminine Health with Votiva

What kind of symptoms will feminine rejuvenation help me with?

Many factors influence how your vaginal area looks and feels, including childbirth, low estrogen levels, and a loss of collagen and elastin due to the aging process.

Votiva offers non-invasive treatments that relieve any symptoms you’re struggling with, including:

  • Sensitivity caused by low blood flow
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Loss of interest in sex due to pain and dryness

With immediate results in most patients, you can look forward to tighter skin, less sensitivity, and an increase in your libido. Many women also gain a boost to their self-esteem, especially those in the post-menopausal phase of life.

How do I know if Votiva is right for me?

Votiva can work for you if you’re concerned about the look and functionality of your vaginal area.

If you’ve experienced childbirth, Votiva can help restore elasticity and tighten up loose areas. If you’re post-menopausal, it’s an effective treatment for reversing the results of estrogen loss. The same applies if you’ve had a hysterectomy or have been through treatments for breast cancer.

Dr. Seltzer reviews your symptoms and helps you understand how the Votiva technology can be used to improve your overall feminine health.

Are these feminine rejuvenation procedures painful?

Votiva is designed to be non-invasive. You won’t have to undergo surgery and treatments can be performed quickly and safely in our office.

Dr. Seltzer uses the latest Votiva technology, either the Forma V or the Fractora V handheld devices, to address your specific concerns. These wand-like devices utilize laser-generated heat to improve the elasticity of your vagina, removing wrinkles and increasing blood flow to the focus areas.

You don’t have to worry about recovery downtime. There’s no pain involved with the procedure, but if you’re suffering from vaginal dryness, there may be some discomfort during your initial treatment.

How many Votiva treatments will I need?

There’s no set treatment timeline for Votiva procedures. Depending on the nature of your symptoms and your specific goals, Dr. Seltzer recommends the number of needed treatments to gain maximum results.

Dr. Seltzer performs a thorough physical evaluation and discusses your current symptoms and concerns to determine the best course of treatment. Many patients report noticeable improvements immediately, with the biggest differences noted a few weeks after the first treatment.

Find out if Votiva is right for you: Schedule your consultation with Dr. Seltzer today online or by phone.