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Advanced Laser and Anti-aging Medical Center is a respected source for the treatment of acne and acne scars in Pasadena, California. With decades of experience treating skin problems, our treatments help end the pain and frustration of acne breakouts and scars, leading to greater comfort and clearer, smoother skin.

Acne Scars Q & A

What causes acne and acne scars?

Acne, also known as pimples or zits, happens when the tiny holes on your skin surface become clogged with oil and inflamed. Most everyone experiences acne at some point, but certain factors make flare-ups more likely, including puberty and menstruation, use of birth control pills, stress, use of oily makeup or hair products and taking certain drugs, such as steroids and estrogen. Scars may appear after acne has healed, particularly if your symptoms were severe or you squeezed, scratched or picked at the lesions.

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel uses light energy to stimulate your skin’s natural collagen. This rejuvenates skin cells below the surface, helping to smooth over creases and pockets that cause scars. The concentrated light beams allow Dr. Seltzer to target specific problem areas on the face, chest, arms and back, making the results more focused and effective.

What should I expect during my Fraxel session?

During your treatment session, Dr. Seltzer will guide the Fraxel® laser over scarred areas of your skin, delivering bursts of light energy as needed. Each session typically lasts 15-45 minutes. The process is not painful, but a numbing agent may be used to minimize heat sensations from the light. Immediately afterwards, you may experience the sensation of a light sunburn. Because your skin will be more sensitive to UV rays, you'll want to limit sun exposure or wear sunscreen as your skin heals.

What is photodynamic therapy?

If you’re receiving treatment for acne and still experiencing breakouts, you may benefit from photodynamic therapy. Safer and more effective than Accutane, it allows for lasting suppression after 4-5 treatments and brief use of antibiotics. The 2-step procedure enhances traditional light therapy by shrinking oil glands. PDT is best suited for moderate to severe acne. On average, symptoms are improved by about 75%, and results tend to be semi-permanent.